Gyro Services

The best option for achieving accurate surveys without magnetic interference.


With over 30 years of experience, MS Survey offers a wide range of gyro instrumentation including innovative solid state technology, real-time, and memory gyro systems. MS Survey provides a complete line of gyro survey services and tools capable of surveying complex wellbore profiles at all attitudes, and whipstock and motor orientations.



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The all attitude “fully acrobatic” surveying isGyro™ is on the forefront of solid state technology, surpassing advantages of spinning mass gyros because it does not have the inherent inaccuracies of the spinning mass gyros. Its small size and rugged design make it shock tolerant, cost effective, and efficient.

  • Features quick survey downhole running time, downloading, and processing
  • Stores data continuously in on-board memory
  • Features slim hole system packaging
  • Operates in a wide low to high temperature range


Surface Recording Gyro (SRG)


MS Survey’s SRG is the tool of choice when instant survey data is required to save time. It is useful to orient motors and whipstocks and for setting templates for platform drilling operations.

  • Utilizes extreme-precision accelerometers and a high performance telemetry data probe
  • Allows real-time data communication with surface computer via transmission through an electric wireline
  • Transports easily to offshore and land locations
  • Possesses a high-temperature heat shield capable of handling temperatures in excess of 260°C (500°F)


Digital Memory Gyro


The Digital Memory Gyro is a tried and true, dependable tool that provides information immediately.

  • Offers downloadable digital survey data
  • Features computer processing for immediate review of survey data


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