MS Wireline Division

Offering quick, on-the-spot placement, retrieval, and logging services to meet a variety of needs

MS Directional operates a comprehensive fleet of modern wireline units dedicated to serving the domestic U.S. oil and gas market. This allows us to offer a wide variety of services when it comes to your wireline needs. Our services include electric, .125” slickline, quick rigs, and mast trailers. All electric units are equipped with high-temperature wireline in either 7/32” or 5/16” diameter. We also offer single, split, and dual drum capabilities.


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Steering Tool Services

  • Fluid drilling applications including high LCM
  • Air drilling applications (proprietary down-hole configurations)
  • Real-time gamma ray logging
  • Wet connect
  • In-line swivel
  • Set and retrieve packers for pressure testing casing (PPK)

Survey Services

  • Gyro and magnetic surveys
  • Whipstock / motor orientations
  • Collar locator
  • Temperature logs
  • MWD retrievals