Magnetic Multi-Shot Services & Single Shot Rental Services

MS Survey’s digital magnetic instrumentation was developed in-house to replace conventional mechanical compass-style units with increased accuracy and includes features not previously available with magnetic instrumentation. These state-of-the-art digital instruments accurately measure the earth’s gravity and magnetic fields simultaneously to determine the inclination (drift-angle) and azimuth of a borehole and are capable of providing vital drilling parameters.


Digital Mini Multi-Shot Tool (DMMT) / Digital Single Shot


The Digital Mini Multi-Shot Tool (DMMT) allows multiple measurements to provide a more complete wellbore profile.

The Digital Single Shot (DSS) and Digital Single Shot–Inclination Only (DSS–IS) tools capture data electronically in the most user-friendly package in the industry.

  • Generates magnetic toolface and high-side orientations (motors or cores)
  • Allows survey data to be extracted directly from tool, providing easy calculation and archival
  • Features true non-mag sensing, timer-activated, and/or motion sensing modes
  • Quality features include dip angle, field strength, and G-Tot measurements


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