MSFS™ (Fully Steerable MWD)

The MSFS™ MWD tool provides accurate and reliable wellbore monitoring at all depths. The tool’s open architecture and flexibility allow simple reconfiguration options to adapt to customer application requirements.

Other features of the MSFS™ MWD tool include:

  • Multi-profile operation. The MWD tool can operate in all wellbore profiles, including hot holes (up to 175°C) and high lost circulation materials (LCM) environments.
  • Improved gamma ray applications. The MWD tool is configurable for gamma ray logging, which produces 50% higher gamma ray count resolution over competitive offerings (including both conventional and focused gamma ray capabilities).
  • Proprietary pulser technology. The MWD tool’s “smart pulser” assists with tool diagnostics and improved quality control.
  • Easy placement and retrieval. The MWD tool has a sleek, modular design that accommodates most tubular sizes and allows easy placement and retrieval via wireline. A collar mount tool also is available for harsher environments.
  • Extended battery life. The MWD tool is available with multiple battery pack capability to keep the tool working longer.
  • Recordable data. Drilling dynamics can be recorded for customer review with the MWD tool.

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